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Occupational Health

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Urgent Care

In urgent care medical assistance is provided for health conditions which need immediate or same day access. These include any chronic issue which needs immediate attention any time of the day. Common health conditions of employees, other than job related, like common cold, flu, infections, sprain, allergies, sore throat etc which can aggravate any time of the day and in turn effect the productivity. 

Acute Care


Traumatic Injuries

Primary Care

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Wellness Care



Primary Care

The ongoing follow up for any urgent care is taken forward by the primary care wing and usually works during weekdays alone. Never be worried that we would stop caring about you after your urgent care visit is over! Our team is here to help support your health and we support to provide overall health improvement services.


Laboratory, X-ray & Immunizations

Nearly 80% of the diagnosis results gives a clear picture of the ailment. Clinical laboratory has paved way for the effective management of results for public needs. 

Lab Services

X-Ray Services


Occupational Health

Occupational Medicine

Injury Care

Physical Theraphy


Occupational Health

Active health care therapy for the well being of the employees. Some chronic illness needs immediate treatment where in it will affect the productivity. Occupational health care includes the well-being of the employee, safety, occupational medicine etc. We at VCare assist employees with health care services which are available on site with a well-equipped team.

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VCare’s Urgent and Primary Care

At VCare, our emergency medicine specialists are devoted providing prompt, valued service in your time of need. We provide a host of services designed to diagnose and treat most urgent, non-life-threatening conditions. 

VCare Urgent Care, LLC has a vision to provide immediate access (same day access) to a host of services both urgent and with continuation of care such as primary care & wellness.

VCare Urgent & Primary Care