Occupational Health (Employer Care)

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Occupational Health

Provide your Employees with Excellent Care

VCare collaborates with businesses to provide employees with contemporary, technology-driven healthcare.

At Vcare, our emergency medicine specialists are devoted providing prompt, valued service in your time of need. We provide a host of services designed to diagnose and treat most urgent, non-life-threatening conditions. In addition, we provide supportive service, like school, sports and employment physicals, vaccinations and trauma care.

Occupational Medicine Program

Work Related Injuries and Illness (Same day appointments)

Employment Physical Examinations


DOT Examinations


Substance Abuse Testing

(Replacement, Reasonable cause, Post-accident, Random, Follow-up)

Regulated drug screen
Breath alcohol
Specimen collection
Hair collection
Non-regulated drug screen
Rapid drug screen

Special Examinations

Human performance evaluation
Call Emergency

On Call Emergency Physician

Consultation of any acute job-related healthcare issue

Onsite BLS training available

Employment Physicals DOT Recertification Physicals Special Examinations Substance Abuse Testing

Employment physicals are hands-on examinations performed by one of our quality primary care physicians.

  • Medical History Review
  • Vital Signs
  • General Appearance
  • Eyes
  • Ears
  • Mouth and Throat
  • Heart
  • Lungs and Chest
  • Extremities
  • Nervous System
  • Hernias
  • Back and Spine
  • Urinalysis

EKG and bloodwork upon request.Substance Abuse screen upon request.


Employment physical report generated and provided based on consent.

DOT physicals are hands-on examinations performed by a certified medical examiner (CME).

  • Medical History Review
  • Vital Signs
  • General Appearance
  • Eyes
  • Ears
  • Mouth and Throat
  • Heart
  • Lungs and Chest
  • Extremities
  • Nervous System
  • Hernias
  • Back and Spine
  • Urinalysis

Sleep Apnea Study is available when necessary.


The medical examiner's certificate (MEC) or DOT medical card - when the examinee meets the DOT physical requirements.


  • Medical and work histories with special emphasis directed to symptoms of the respiratory system, cardiovascular system, and digestive tract.
  • Completion of the respiratory disease questionnaire
  • A physical examination including a chest X-ray and pulmonary function test that includes measurement of the employee's forced vital capacity (FVC) and forced expiratory volume at one second (FEV1).
  • Any laboratory or other test that the examining physician deems by sound medical practice to be necessary.


  • Pure tone testing (audiogram) -- For this test, you wear earphones attached to the audiometer. Pure tones of a specific frequency and volume are delivered to one ear at a time. You are asked to signal when you hear a sound. The minimum volume required to hear each tone is graphed.

Human performance evaluation

  • A human performance evaluation (HPE) compares the physical abilities of a potential hire to the physical requirements of a job, determining whether the applicant can safely perform the essential job duties.

Drug testing has become an important part of running a business successfully. From hiring new employees to keeping high standards with current employees, drug testing is one of the best preventative measures to ensure safety in the workplace and out on the road.  

Either your company is legally required to enforce drug testing or it's just the right thing to do to keep the work environment safe, VCare Urgent & Primary is committed to fulfilling your workplace needs. Providing your company with a seamless process to accurately administer these tests, process the samples and report the results in a timely manner is our pledge. No matter what size the company, VCare Urgent & Primary will provide the same top-level service.  

Substance Abuse Testing (Replacement, Reasonable cause, Post-accident, Random, Follow-up) 

  • Regulated drug screen  
  • Breath alcohol 
  • Specimen collection 
  • Hair collection 
  • Non-regulated drug screen 
  • Rapid drug screen 

Our substance abuse policy helps to reduce the risk of laboratory and reporting errors due to misidentification or tampering. Our policy is in accordance with State and Federal regulations and includes proper specimen collection, accurate labeling and prompt reporting of results.   

Physical Exam

DOT Physical

Basic NONDOT Physical / Pre-Employment


Back Evaluation

Fit for Duty - Complex Exam

Grip Strength Evaluation

Lift Test

Respirator Fit Test (Qualitative or Quantitative)

Pulmonary Function Test (PFT)


Venipuncture - Blood Draw

Vision Test - Snellen

Random Drug


Hearing test with audiometry

Functional Assessment / Agility Evaluation

Hepatitis B Screening (Hep B Surface Antibody Test)

Mask Fit Test

Abdominal Aorta Screen (Ultrasound)

Body Fat Analysis

Blood Test Screening (CBC, CMP, TSH, Lipid Profile)

Specimen Collection

Urine Collection

Blood Draw - Drug Screening

Breath Alcohol Test


Hep A Vaccine (per shot)

Hep B Vaccine (per shot)

MMR Vaccine

TDAP Vaccine

Tetanus Vaccine

Influenza Vaccine (Flu Shot)

TB Services

TB Skin test (PPD)

QuantiFERON Gold

Chest X-Ray (TB Positive Follow Up)


Workers’ Compensation

Workers' Compensation Examination

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