A sensible and proactive lifestyle is always a positive look forward. It’s never too late to know your heart health. Healthy heart is always the result of healthy eating. It’s not a one a day diet-based result rather your eating habit over days, weeks and months.

Start balancing your life at your mid 30s’as it’s were you can make your health priorities. This is correct age to channelise your diet, quit smoking and continue to monitor blood pressure and cholesterol.

Ensure you exercise regularly and do muscle strengthening activities twice in a week. Healthy substitute like water and limited alcohol consumption can reduce your calories. Always make sure you visit your most trusted health care service provider to treat cholesterol and diabetes and follow your health care professional’s advice.

A healthy diet should include rich vegetables, nuts, fruits, whole grain cereals and less sodium salt intake. And it’s always important to know the symptoms of heart attack, as recent studies showed that the leading cause of the greatest number of deaths in recent years is heart attack.

Knowing symptoms can save life in a matter of seconds.

The common symptoms include: Chest pain and stiffness, shortened breath and pain radiating to the shoulders and neck. The symptoms will be accompanied by nausea, extreme tiredness, dizziness, paleness and sweating.

Knowing this prior can help you keep you safe and accessible to the healthcare services in case of any emergency.